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PriorityStart! ProMax H.D.

ProMax H.D.
(Heavy Duty)
Higher Amprage
Higher Loads

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The PriorityStart! operates only when accidental deep discharge of vehicle or marine batteries are taking place, thus providing automatic starting assurance. It is a battery disconnect switch featuring:

  • STOP Dead Batteries
  • Safety & Convenience
  • 1000's of Applications!

Used by many dealers, upfitters, auto dealerships, and more! The PriorityStart! monitors the battery's voltage and automatically disconnects any undesired drain on your battery when engine is off. The disconnect threshhold is factory set at 11.7 Volts. The unit automatically reconnects by operating headlight switch or other accessory. Universal design works with top & side-post terminals.

SAVES Fleets Money!

Preventative Maintenance Solution

Used by 1000's of Police, Utility, and other fleets, PriorityStart! has saved them money in these turbulent economic times! View our Fleet Center!

Stop Dead Batteries! Fleets! Police!

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